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our independence

As a service provider, we feel it is important to remain independent so that we can prioritise the best interests of our clients. This independence allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in working with other industry professionals, your own advisors and intermediaries. In this way we avoid conflicts of interest and ensure that our clients' priorities come first.


By remaining independent we deliver the highest quality service to our clients while maintaining trust and integrity in business practices.


New Zealand is an attractive jurisdiction for the establishment of wealth planning structures, despite neither being offshore nor offering especially low on-shore tax rates. Its trust law is very much based on its English equivalent and New Zealand’s robust political and legal systems promote a stable economic and political environment.


Compliant with international standards of regulation and supervision, New Zealand’s position also makes it a favourable place for conducting business with Asian and South American markets.


New Zealand is a member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).


Some of the business advantages we enjoy in New Zealand are:

  • International reputation for ease of doing business and competitiveness;

  • Efficient tax system with no estate or inheritance tax, gift tax, stamp duties, or traditional capital gains tax regime;

  • Significant tax treaty network and trade agreements; and

  • Pragmatic and transparent public authorities.

Auckland City.
Auckland City.
Parliament Buildings Wellington.
Milford Sounds, South Island.
Strong Agriculture Sector
Dairy and Farming.
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