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" Wealth is the ability to fully experience life. "

- Henry David Thoreau

Trust Manager


DDI:   +64 9 486 0950
Fax:   +64 9 486 0955



Angie is a Trust Manager of JNZ Trust Company Limited and is responsible for the day to day management and administration of trust arrangements.


Angie has over ten years trust management experience.


Angie previously worked in the Contracts Team at Microsoft and prior to then held a senior role in the legal team of a large mining corporate employing over a thousand people.


It is absolutely critical for trusts to be properly administered and for their administrative requirements to be dealt with religiously. Angie fulfills a vital role in ensuring compliance with these requirements.



Elena Popova is the Accounts and Trust Manager of JNZ Trust Company Limited. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science Honours Degree and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand since 2007. She became a joint member of the New Zealand and Australia Institute of Chartered Accountants in 2014.

Elena assists with preparing financial statements, tax returns, compliance, financial and management reporting, financial analysis, statutory accounts under NZ IFRSs, audit, system improvements, financial modelling and tax structuring.

Accounts and Trust Manager


DDI:   +64 9 486 0950
M:      +64 021 108 7735
Fax:   +64 9 486 0955

3D Hand Sculpture

LLB, Bachelor of Business Analysis (BBA) 


DDI:   +64 9 486 0950
M:      +64 021 633 672
Fax:   +64 9 486 0955



Director of Trust Structuring Services

Farbod has a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Business, with a major in Finance. His unique background, experience and business insight enable Farbod to assist clients with their structuring and asset protection needs. 

After graduating from law school in New Zealand, Farbod worked for prestigious law firms in California to gain experience in one of the most interesting and litigious jurisdictions in the world. Following his stint in Los Angeles, Farbod returned to New Zealand and practised in a top Auckland downtown law firm, before joining JNZ Trust Company Limited as a director of Trust Structuring Services. 

Farbod loves the world of commerce and business, so much so that he has also successfully launched an online business selling luxury Persian rugs in the New Zealand market. 

In his spare time (and he doesn’t have a lot!), Farbod enjoys rock climbing, surfing (when it’s not too cold), lifting weights and winding down with yoga. 

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